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eating, sleeping, drawing, pooping, crocheting, reading, speaking Chinese, procrastinating, sipping the booze, video gaming.
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Bartholomew the Mao

Lir the Jak

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Qiu the Xoro

Gun the Vei
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Hi, I'm Meg! If you need help with anything, feel free to mail me and stuff.


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12/05 09:42.33 PM
get on skype u absolute dingus

04/24 05:27.47 PM
it now forever has a place in my heart and also my profile images :*

04/24 05:19.32 PM
oh my god both are amazing U ROCK

04/24 04:29.06 PM

u inspired me

08/12 01:41.50 PM
Not much. I have to go to the bank now though lol. You?

08/12 01:36.30 AM

12/24 02:04.44 AM
Meggy Christmas!

06/13 02:59.14 AM
Oh, more than that, application, after application, after application. SO MUCH FUN! I always love seeing your stuff, too, of course. I'm currently trying to do more traditional stuff since that's where my heart is. (I don't know why. XD ) I'll see some of your work crop up every now and then and then I realize I'd be bumping an old thread and so I restrain myself. I should probably tell you how awesome your drawings are more often, though. :P Nah, I'm still stumbling and dropping groceries. Thankfully not the eggs, yet. XD IT WILL HAPPEN!

06/13 02:44.05 AM
Oooh, that sounds like fun. I keep meaning to get drawing again, BUT I NEVER DO. :B And as much as I like doing things, sitting around on my butt is pretty awesome, too. XD And, yes! FINALLY! Just part-time at a local grocery store, but I'm thankful to have anything at this point. Five more hours than last week, too. Woo-hoo~ Climbin' the corporate ladder.

06/13 02:35.34 AM
Hello beautiful. Things are going well over here. Hope you're having a good summer thus far.

07/20 05:11.22 PM
Hey I'm back!!! WOW! Hawaii was SOOO WARM!!! Man I got like 8 sunburns because of the weather their! All well it was worth it cause there is REALLY HOT GUYS THEIR!!!

06/30 02:50.05 PM
I'm fine I just got on a few days ago cause I had a lot of stuff going on right now.............. I am VERY glad that you are doing well !!! So I am going to Hawaii tomorrow so I won't be on until next Saturday!!! ALOHA!!!

01/22 03:12.22 PM
! I'm going through some rough times at school, but I feel REALLY GREAT!!!!

01/21 11:51.22 PM
Hey. It's been a LONG time. I still have the picture you drew me that long time ago. x3

12/30 12:52.36 PM
So Meg, how are you?

03/08 07:39.43 PM
Thanks, Meg!

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