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✖ Welcome to my lovely dark wonderland. Enjoy your stay ~
✖ Hi there. My name is Tragedae {Pronounced like Tragedy but instead of the dy it is Dae}. Although my real name is Sammie/Ren and i'm 18 years old I'm really into Taxidermy, and goth things. Feel free to talk to me anytime, i'm pretty chill I guess. ✖


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01/06 07:01.53 AM
Oh my Kash Tragedae, you need to like give me your number or Facebook or something so I can hit you up and remind you that this site still exists >.

12/25 08:08.58 PM
Yay I already have you your Christmas gift then. Virtual candy!

12/25 07:30.42 PM
Hmph fine I was gonna do it anyways.

12/25 07:25.52 PM
No, my candy canes!!

12/25 06:43.57 PM
I'm sucking on a strawberry flavored candy came C:
I like eating the Christmas tree decorations.

12/25 06:34.59 PM
Are you gonna go to bed soon?

12/25 06:28.08 PM
My day's been pretty chill so far.

12/25 03:16.55 PM
Name him Freddy.

12/25 01:09.15 AM
I hope you get presents.

12/25 12:36.21 AM
Merry Christmas! Hugs.

12/24 04:00.49 PM
Yeah but I'm a cool nerd.

12/24 12:33.24 AM
It's a nerdy card game cuz I'm a nerd.

12/23 11:32.18 PM
I'm getting everyone I know in real life into Magic the gathering lol.

12/23 10:49.29 PM
I'm awesome.

12/23 08:03.57 PM
Sorry, I was playing cards at the card shop. Horne you been Tray-dae?

12/23 03:13.40 PM
Omg yay and okay don't forget to forget!!

11/28 08:31.24 PM
No, bad Trae! >:c

09/26 04:11.48 AM
:T you've been gone for a while tray-dae

08/01 09:03.37 PM
yo thanks

07/30 05:20.06 PM

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