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03/13 10:30.05 PM
Its hexxxxi ^^

03/13 12:22.22 PM
Hey cutie! Pretty sure we're no longer connected on Skype, but if you send me a request, I am a lot easier to contact through there ^^ I'd love to chat more again~

02/14 07:56.30 PM
I know that feeling v_v

02/14 07:53.30 PM
I am always here for you~

02/14 04:10.05 PM
It's pretty hard to pull me down ;3 it's your choice, of course, if you want to talk about it, but know, if you do, I will always listen~

02/14 04:03.03 PM
I don't have much to offer, but I am always willing to listen v_v

02/14 03:59.34 PM
Oh sweetheart ;n;

02/14 03:52.57 PM
So how've you been?

02/11 02:12.58 PM
I commissioned it from Valkeera on Deviantart!! Her work is so lovely~

06/07 06:25.47 PM

06/06 01:53.24 AM

05/27 10:15.40 PM
dead because im never online hello

05/22 02:48.55 PM
Thank yas :3 Summer is here so goodbye sweater XD

05/15 02:57.35 PM
Much Danger.

05/04 10:49.53 PM
Their bullcrud isn't worth it, it'll add more stress on you. Unless you actually care for them then don't bother.
The yipyap has spoken.

05/04 10:32.50 PM
I literally just do not give a crud. I mean yea I don't want people mad at me but if they don't understand or listen, what are you gonna do?
Ain't worth your time.

05/04 10:10.26 PM
shh the site can be really crudty with the people its ok. Do what I do and ignore everyone most of the time.

05/04 10:06.39 PM
*Gon, wow.
Sorry everything has been bad :c Idk who Icy is yeah. Maybe they'll help improve things

05/04 09:12.31 PM
I'm holding off on adopts until the craze dies down. Don back to anthros. Just starting to line Xy now.
And you?

05/03 10:40.28 PM
a wot. Like color wise? IDK MAYBE that would take a while.

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