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11/19 05:34.34 PM

02/04 09:33.49 AM
I guess it really matters where one lives in the states. I hear some places in Florida and California are expensive... not only that but the taxes are high.

02/01 03:31.47 AM
Oh, I'm going back to Texas. I was originally from Colorado... I wish we could have moved back there, but we already have a house in Texas and it's huge!

01/31 06:47.45 AM
aww, well there were a lot of people that PCS'd over Christmas so they probably spent their Christmas on an airplane...

01/30 06:56.18 AM
We have only had one snowday this whole winter and it did not even last... The weather is cold, but there is no snow or ice...

01/28 06:45.22 AM
How far are you in Spanish? I'm in Spanish II and it's starting to get challenging... I'm not going to be here for the whole time though before the end of my school's fourth quarter, I fly back to the states. So how is Canada?

01/16 09:34.06 AM
I do not know much of the language...At my school, you can learn either Spanish or German; my first choice was German but my mom convinced me to take Spanish because it will be helpful when we move back to the states.

01/15 10:45.54 AM
Well it has been three years... Anyways, Germany is great and all, nice country, people, restaurants, and food but it is time to go back to the states me thinks. ^^ People seem to act really different here; I go school on a military base and they are just so, weird.. Idk It is different. But with some people I have talked to, they have never lived in the states, let alone ever been there...

01/14 09:35.21 AM
Great! It's funny looking over the old comment section talking about me moving to Germany. I'm actually moving back to the US in almost less than four months.

01/13 11:37.38 AM
OMG You were online!

06/25 05:59.58 AM
Pwushie!!!!! I miss u buddy

07/27 05:43.05 AM
good so yeah its a pain moving to germany but yeah for me it's just been a crazy month

07/24 10:45.06 AM
sorry i havent been on lately

07/24 10:44.34 AM

01/16 02:34.42 PM
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