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Kenmae - Canada - Girl
Please feel free to call me Kae or Kenna. I'm pretty friendly, so don't hesitate to drop me a mail message any time, even just to chat!!
I spend most of my time goofing off, but sometimes I draw or sing or something too.


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06/10 12:17.40 AM
Same here. All I've written for the past 8 months are essays upon essays.

06/09 12:06.50 AM
DDDDDDDD *poke* we need to roleplay

06/06 03:59.25 PM
Nothing much, just life, y'know. How about you? It's been forever.

06/03 09:59.33 PM

11/19 03:29.31 PM
Sup Kenna?

10/07 08:26.15 PM
What kind of backwards society is this??

10/07 05:15.43 PM
MGMT Kids. It's so Halloween.

10/07 05:08.27 PM
I also forgot to reply to sinful oops There's this song stuck in my head omg

10/07 05:01.51 PM
Ah, I'm sorry! I accidentally ignored your last comment on my profile I'm such a derp.

10/01 04:37.54 PM
I've between great !

10/01 01:44.02 AM
How've you been?

09/21 02:37.43 AM

06/13 11:06.21 PM
Recovering. I just finished up with the whole staying up 'till 2 am studying thing. Good luck to you though! :3

06/13 09:04.31 PM
*glomps back* How've you been? ^ ^

06/13 08:52.45 PM
Guess who's back...?

05/03 11:30.47 PM
omg what I love it!

02/27 02:55.17 PM
I'm amazing!

02/27 01:14.13 AM
Kenny I'm bored can we talk about fun stuff??

01/28 10:45.05 PM
I may start one for good ol times sake. And its fine! Aint nothin to see on profile but a picture of a Zubat anyway--

01/28 10:27.44 PM
I tried to go on there for Soul Eater purposes but-- Again, shy potato. I roleplay through Tumblr or friends on Skyyype. And wolf rps-- -childhood memory flashbacks-

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