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petrpg, redbull, bees, plushies, xbox360, chickfila
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I figured I should finally fill this out! I do some of the programming here on PetRPG! You've probably seen my my handywork in the form of errors and bugs throughout the site. Please message me if you run into any errors, and Ill try to fix them as soon as possible! I'm really excited about PetRPG and am hoping we can create something really awesome and entertaining with all the feedback from everyone involved ranging from fellow staff to the users. Please, please, please, PLEASE, share your ideas on PetRPG with us! Post them in the forums at the following link, Suggestions Forum Just create a new thread there and let me know how you want certain areas of the site to work, or what you think would be really awesome to add to the site.
If you enjoy PetRPG, doing any of the following things will help us: -Tell a Friend about PetRPG -Post your Suggestions in the Forum -Put a link to PetRPG on your myspace/facebook/etc. -Contribute to PetRPG -OR just enjoy the site!
And Stay up to Date!
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02/20 08:30.00 PM

09/16 04:51.31 PM
hey i just made a t shirt and it wont let me sell it its says idp cashout coming soon

09/14 11:18.46 PM
D'awws your wearing my shirt

08/28 10:54.23 PM
Doug are you a weeaboo? Do you like using the words 'kawaii' and 'desu'? Do you have a waifu? Do you watch any anime and if so which ones?

08/19 10:44.34 PM
Givin you a high five on your 666th day!

08/06 07:24.54 PM
Top chef doesnt seems to be on auto any more. Its almost been 2 weeks without any announcement now xP

08/04 08:21.29 AM
Hello, hello, hello!~

07/25 08:54.48 PM
cn you make the top chef contest end on sunday i cant keep waiting so long

07/25 03:28.04 AM
Hate to bug you doug, but it's really been bugging me how when you go to search something with multiple results (interests, users/pets) the results go behind your active pet and top ten forums list!

07/19 11:07.14 PM
can you help me be in petrpg staff i wanna be a little more popular and helpy around here

07/19 01:18.56 PM
teach me how to douggie.

07/13 04:00.15 PM
hey can you make the top cheif winners recipe a item

07/13 08:20.49 AM
check your mail douglas.

07/12 11:35.09 AM
I'm posting this comment for all my friends on here. I just wanted to inform you about, i you want to know, read my thread~

07/12 09:07.03 AM
Hopefully not a stalker!

07/10 01:16.42 PM
Hi Doug *Hugs* How are you?

07/10 09:33.08 AM
Someone told me I got your hair and eyes wrong, I fixed it up for you.

07/10 01:29.25 AM
Do they only take food/toy items? Could they use a token randomly or anything?

07/10 01:23.10 AM
Yay! Haha I'll stop bothering you

07/10 01:18.53 AM
shouldn't you be in bed young man? >:C

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