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Think your friends might like PetRPG? Ready to force the game upon them? Refer your friends through your special referral link and not only will your friends get to enjoy the game but you will earn referral prizes!

Check the Banners page for some banners and ads you can use if you own a site/blog or even a social network profile like MySpace/Facebook.

Here is your referral link:
(Your user name is at the end so we know who to credit!)

Referral Prizes
Signups Prize
1 For the first signup, you will receive 100 PC.
2 For the second signup, you will receive 200 PC.
3 For the third signup, you will receive 500 PC.
5 For your fifth signup you will receive the Sharebear Plushie!.
10 For your tenth signup, you will receive a Multi Grooming Token! It will offer up to 5 colors to choose from when Grooming your Pet!