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Aquafina's Profile (owned by user mewsters99)

Species: Mao
Color: Marine
Gender: Female
Pets Age: 1835 Days.
Aquafina's Stats

Level: 5
Exp: 45/350
Hunger: Dying
Mood: Depressed
HP: 33/33
Strength: 17
Defense: 12
Speed: 13
Intelligence: 3
Battle with
Pets About Me

Name: Aquafine
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Single
Color: Fisher/ Marine
Personality: Aquafina is a jumpy and bubbly girl that like to have fun. She is shy around boys most of the time, and sometimes girls. When it comes to partying she's a bubble of energy!


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kittehfish casts their Pro Rod into the Deep Chocolate! After waiting a few minutes, she reels it in to find nothing. kittehfish gained a level in Fishing! kittehfish has unlocked the Fisher color! Go to their Edit Pets page to check it out!

Unlocked Fisher color at 9:25:59 PM
Changed name to Aquafina 8/2/15
Pets Skills

Level: 15

Level: 1
Pets MiniPets
Items Used
Books Read: 3
Sushi Eaten: 0
Pets Awards

Bronze Top Chef