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As of right now, the only merch we have is our awesome Scarebear Plushie. As discussed in the forums if we sell enough of them we will look into having another pet turned into a physical plushie!

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Scarebear Plushie
-The Scarebear Plushie is 12 inches tall.
-He is taller than plushies from those other pet sites ran by large corporate companys.
-Has his signature button eye and purple ribbon on his back!
-Real scarebear puffy white tail!
-Users claim he is very soft and cuddly!
$20 USD or 2,000 dPoints
(4 days US, 6 days CA)

$25 USD or 2,500 dPoints (6-12 business days)

InGame Bonuses
In addition to the 12 inch tall real-life Scarbear Plushie, you will also get any four items below.
You can choose any combination like four Plushie Grooming Tokens, or 2 Plushie Tokens & 2 Scarebear Icons, mix and match, or even wait to see what we add in the future!

You currently can redeem for 0 items.

Plushie Grooming Token

Mystical Scarebear Totem

Scarebear Icon


Sewing for Scarebears

Scarebear Care Guide

How can I Order?
You can Order through the following methods
-Snail Mail

When will other plushies be available of different Pets?
Since we are a small independent website ran by a few people, we can only handle the committment of this one plushie right now. If the Scarebear Plushie sells well we may be able to offer a second plushie in the future. If that happens it wont be for 4-6 months. When it does happen we will let all the users vote on which plushie should be next.

When will they be Shipped Out?
They are all ready to be shipped out. Every weekday at around 10am EST we check for orders, print shipping labels, and drop them off at the post office.

Why should you buy one?
-Its an awesome plushie of a Scarebear!
-Own the very first plushie ever created by PetRPG!
-The sales help us increase our funding for more flash games, and artwork which means faster/more updates!

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