What is PetRPG!?
Calm down and take a deep breath! Better? Okay. :) PetRPG is a virtual pet site where you can own a pet, explore worlds, play games, battle with your pet, make friends, chat, and a lot more!

What do I do?
Anything you want! PetRPG isn't about one specific thing. No, no, no no! You can choose your own path. Do you want to be the best at battling? Do you want the strongest Yedi? Do you want to get trophys in all the flash games? Do you want to get the most friends? Do you want to make a fortune with your own usershop?

You can choose your own path and play whenever you like, however you like.

Getting Started

Create a Pet
To get started you can create your own pet or adopt one. Creating a Pet is usually the best option for new players because you will get to name your pet.

My Pet is HUNGRY! (nom nom?)
So you're pet is hungry, huh? You should probably feed him or her! Click on your Inventory, click on a food item, and then click Feed to Pet. Then all you have to do is select your pet you want to feed, and click GO! You can get food by playing some games, buying them at the shops, or even random events.

My Pet is BORED!
Okay, so now your pets mood is venturing into boredom. There are two ways to keep them entertained.
1) You can play with them using a toy if you have one. Click on your Inventory, click on a toy, and then click Play with Pet. Then all you have to do is select your pet you want to play with, and click GO!
2) You can also do the daily games where you have to select one of your pets. You will increase their happiness when you constantly select them!

Now What?

1) Introduce yourself in the forums. You can meet other new players or get any questions you have answered there!

2) Read the FAQ for more questions answered!

3) Go to Explore and start exploring the PetRPG world!