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Suz Other

Posts: 55



05/13/17 09:40.47 AM

limited edition post is gone now

Spark Male

Posts: 47441


05/13/17 09:38.29 PM

captcha fix when

sapnu puas
Seki Male

Posts: 57



05/14/17 12:06.37 AM

As soon as I get access I can request the google key to put in code to get permission to use captchas again. Possibly in next few weeks.
Suz Other

Posts: 55



05/14/17 01:55.49 AM

there was a post here actually but i got too embarrassed and replaced it with hear it hurgling instead :/
it was just me rambling for like 4 paragraphs about how this hell zone was a part of me growing up And I Miss It

Kenmae Female

Posts: 16651

Feeling Bubbly

05/14/17 02:47.45 PM

Ah, but I read it when it was up and I didn't think it was embarrassing?? I thought it was sweet and a nice positive contrast to the sad threads we've been seeing lately. That's just my opinion. :> Of course, I'm super sappy so I appreciate other peoples' sap ahaha!
I like the "hear it hurgling" too though lol

"I like my office. It's warm in my office. It's quiet in my office. There are no maniacal gnomes or chainsaw-wielding waitresses in my office."

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