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cat40127 Female

Posts: 18

Ready, set, go!


04/15/17 10:42.45 AM

Every section in the dPoints store keeps saying this!:

Warning: mysql_fetch_array() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in /home/easyrpg/public_html/dpoints.php on line 342

All the non-user shops also do this!
SerXia Female

Posts: 2683


04/17/17 02:23.18 PM

I believe since the site has been down awhile, there's just flaws in the coding and not really a lot works now.
Hopefully a miracle happens though and PetRPG will be revived again by someone who wants / can deal with it ;^

"coolest cat you'll ever meet; money back guaranteed~"
Seki Male

Posts: 57



05/01/17 03:40.32 AM

I mailed Doug a day ago, we'll see if he even bothers to reply. I don't think he likes me since that Bexxy incident back when she complained she couldn't get ahold of him and I did and then they both said I was bragging cause I had him still on friends list from his other website. Yeah? and? Like didn't Bexxy have him on Skype/Yahoo/Email for all the art and work from before? and I'm not supposed to use any method of connection at all that I have? Isn't that what messengers are for? :P

Anyway, nothing can be done if we don't get a backend password reset.

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