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cat40127 Female

Posts: 18

Ready, set, go!


03/23/17 04:34.25 PM

Every section in the dPoints store keeps saying this!:

Warning: mysql_fetch_array() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in /home/easyrpg/public_html/dpoints.php on line 342
Kenmae Female

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Feeling Bubbly

03/23/17 07:42.07 PM

I think the dPoint store has had this issue for a while. Maybe it's a problem related to store restocking? I would direct you to someone who could look into it but I'm not really sure if there's anyone with either the ability or interest to fix it, so I wouldn't know who to ask. I'm sorry, and good luck!
EDIT: I checked around a bit and this actually seems to be the case with all non-user shops, not just the dPoint store.

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cat40127 Female

Posts: 18

Ready, set, go!


04/11/17 04:01.03 PM

I saw. What could be happening?
Seki Male

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04/29/17 08:50.52 PM

Websites are two or more parts, you have the HTML for the pages (and also the PHP that does the checks and effects of things) and then you have the Database part (MySQL in this case) which lives sometimes on another completely different computer or website, even when it's on the same computer it's a separate program that takes input and puts out responses. It's where all the data lives like a big spreadsheet or notebook. Websites themselves don't remember anything and are just text and pictures, it's the PHP that has to send a username and password to log into the other application on the computer to have permission to load up your username and posts and purchases.

The problem right now is the servers doug has both on seem to have access still to the database (which is why you can still log in and see posts) but when there's extra data or a field missing like 'name, description' are there but 'price' is missing, it throws errors because it doesn't know what to do. There can be a ton of things causing it, but won't be able to find out without a login to the actual website code side to look at what changed.

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