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popsicle22 Female

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Pixie Princess

03/17/17 11:10.31 AM

I don't want any money or dp or credits. Just ask and I'll draw you a thing.

I just wanted to do something nice for all the dudes and dudettes that are still hanging around this site.

What I can absolutely draw:
Certain fantasy characters ( Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes, Halflings )

What I can sorta draw:
Anthros ( Hhhh if you can call them that )

What I can absolutely NOT draw:

If you have a character you want me to draw but you don't know if I can draw it, ask!

1. Ask for whatever you would like but keep in mind the things I can and can't draw
2. I will message you once I get around to your request with art style references ( I just prefer not having them on here. Sorry ) and I'll ask you for some character references
3. You do NOT have to pay me in any form
4. These will all be done traditionally and then digitally lined and colored
5. If I don't get to you right away, I'm sorry. I can only access Petrpg on the weekends. Don't fret, I'll get back to as soon as possible

Thank you guys for making my experience on Petrpg a fun one. Though the site is dead,I still come around to see what you guys are up to. I may not know you all, but you guys have a place in my heart <3

My Head Is Full Of Stars
Star Other

Posts: 1884

Feeling Bubbly

03/19/17 01:37.16 AM

Can you draw my OC ? or maybe a random Furry? * May your creative juices be released*

Spark Male

Posts: 47441


03/19/17 02:36.37 AM

draw our HAs chillin

sapnu puas
popsicle22 Female

Posts: 11588

Pixie Princess

03/19/17 08:27.32 AM

Thanks so,so much for the requests, I'll get the to you as soon as I can

My Head Is Full Of Stars
Kaix Male

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03/19/17 09:34.24 AM

deon (lil dude with white hair on my profile) if u can pls
thank u bub 8)

un-mod me if u can. thank u xx
Star Other

Posts: 1884

Feeling Bubbly

03/28/17 01:13.36 AM

I dm you

sassy Other

Posts: 11

I'm not really here

03/28/17 04:49.48 AM

Can you draw a clothing item for the character marketplace?
popsicle22 Female

Posts: 11588

Pixie Princess

04/07/17 06:24.13 PM

Hh I'm sorry but I don't think ibisPaint works with that kind of thing

My Head Is Full Of Stars

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