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oni Female

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03/13/17 01:07.05 AM

i was about 9 when i was using my ipad on petrpg and it screwed up the layout bc petrpg isnt made for mobile and i posted it in the bugs section. the developer at the time accused me of making it up for attention and i felt really bad, and i was like "im sorry? i didnt make it up? why are you guys so mad??" and this one trick ass bitch who was basically the leader of the Superiority Complex club said "stop being an attention seeker lol just admit that you made it up" and i didnt stop thinking about it for like a week and it made me feel really bad bc it was so shockingly and unnecessarily rude ?? people ended up doing things like a lot and it was from the same group of ppl and i really looked up to them

petrpg gave me way too much anxiety for an elementary school kid bc everyone was so quick to get heated, and honestly once someone who was part of the Popular Clique gave their say on something everyone else agreed regardless of morality or common sense bc everyone really wanted to fit in and i did it too

when i was like 9 i also suggested a "big cat" feature for the maos but called "big maos" which yeah is a really horrible idea but i was in the third grade and i was proud of it, and i got huge backlash and like yeah it was pretty stupid but i was also clearly a young kid
i actually cried over this
a fairly popular member who died not long ago (rest in peace, friend) last interacted with me in this manner and i really looked up to her

when u were younger did u ever hear a new word that u thought was so advanced and would make u sound smarter? bc someone said "shopping is my fetish" and i was like OH NEW WORD, because i thought it was like , an interest
someone made a post about trolling club penguin so i replied "trolling clubpenguin is my fetish haha" or something like that and people came TF at me even tho i was clearly a small kid who didnt know the meaning, and i played it off like it was a typo. someone pmed me saying "shut up im only 14 and i know what it means, ur probably older than me" . shoutout to jolty for defending me

if you dont like small kids don't be an asshole about it just cope w them

later on i tried SO hard to be a petrpg artist because it got me into graphic design and i thought if i could achieve something like that maybe i'd be redeemed after so many ppl seemed to hate me , so i spent hours on end at age 11 perfecting the petrpg art style, and despite my efforts i was ignored by most people bc the Popular Clique (some of them became staff members and really didn't deserve it but whatever, favoritism at its finest) established they didnt like me-- of course i never said my age so i wouldve assumed i was a dumbass 13 year old rather than a small kid just being a small kid too hahah. honeslty im happy 4 the people who did get selected as artists but i'll forever be kinda salty bc i tried so so hard

bye thanks for listening to me exploit myself subrscibe like share and dont forget to leave a comment

oni Female

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03/13/17 04:04.42 AM

i'd also like to add , i remember i really liked jack, violin, casper, comet, and some other ppl i cant remember but i remember specifically all those ppl were really nice

add me on gogoel plus for more

Spark Male

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03/13/17 06:01.11 AM

Quote from oni
some of them became staff members and really didn't deserve it but whatever, favoritism at its finest

But also to this entire post. I was just a flatout crudposter around this time, still kinda am, but I also still felt the strong urge to fit in and having the popular croud push me away.
But when you can now log in and have the site for yourself, and you don't have those old people around anymore, it's still a feeling of losing something, like you still didn't and never will accomplish making a name for yourself here.

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sapnu puas
Violin Male



03/13/17 03:40.22 PM

i'll always love petrpg and its users to the ends of the earth but like . thinking back on it, as a developing child, this probably wasn't the best place for me to spend most of my time LOL..not that i regret it or anything, but my young goofy azz was so impressionable

i think everyone on this site has done and said some pretty obnoxious, mean, and silly things at least once here.. having talked abt this so many times before with the "popular crowd" post-petrpg-death even they agree like .. we were all obnoxious children.. like the biggest problem was taking each other so seriously LOL not to diminish anyone's bad experiences bc petrpg wasn't always fun times for me either but like having a bunch of young children being moderated by slightly older children was a terrible idea who allowed that @ doug wt the fuc

i'll always be bitter abt how the staff was ran tho like ...????????? this site had to have gone thru 20+ staff members because they'd always hire ppl that weren't necessarily active but they seemed Cool and Mature and then some of the favoritism that went on was rly bad

Bang Female

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03/13/17 04:47.34 PM

Drop names I dare u

oni Female

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03/13/17 04:50.17 PM

FRFR i think thats what bothered me the most,, the entire staff was mostly 13-17 yr olds moderating mostly 12-15 yr olds which obv wasnt a good set up and it felt a lil bit like a freshmen v. seniors kinda thing lmao, rlly kids shouldnt have been staff bc it gave some ppl a sense of superiority over their peers which made the whole favoritism thing a lot worse
it was quite noticable that the staff at some point was all from the same group of ppl

needless to say everyones matured since this place died out and ya cant judge ppl based on how they were as a 12-13 yr old , this wasnt exactly the best place to grow up on but eh it was a fun part of my childhood regardless
& thats a really cute philosophy kaix

bang im not finna be a snitch......... 😶

Spark Male

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03/13/17 07:23.20 PM

Quote from Bang
Drop names I dare u

I would consider you but literally who are you? Lol

sapnu puas
oni Female

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03/13/17 08:03.37 PM

nah im not beefin w anyone this is just a Memoir of my childhood on petrpg, i dont even remember who most of these ppl were but tbh in the end we were all obnoxious kids yall are all pretty chill now

Shikai Male

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03/15/17 02:39.15 AM

ah man literally everyone's gone through 12.549 name changes I don't know who anyone is any more.

I think I spent 99% of my time on this site lurking even though I think I spent an honestly impressive amount of time on here. I think you're right in how ready people were to critique and turn against you, because I was kind of scared of posting, I think? anyways. this site was kinda weird and everyone was tiny and impressionable and pretty awful at times. I'm not really sure what I want to say? just that this site had a kind of ehhh environment sometimes, and I don't think I'm really glad that I spent so much time on it, even as I am somehow attached to it for those formation years.

man. what will I do now with all this fake online currency that I've accrued through sweat and tears
popsicle22 Female

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Pixie Princess

03/16/17 12:56.45 PM

God, I was on here when I was an impressionable 9 year old too. I never really understood the way they chose staff, but I didn't really mind it. I remember that this site actually got me into role-playing. Which is kinda ridiculous cause I was 9. But, I don't regret getting on here.

I remember at 12 I wanted to be a mod. Of course, they wouldn't let me. But I thought it would be cool. And I remember getting in loads of trouble on this site.

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Dani Female

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Pixie Princess

03/17/17 02:29.25 PM

this site was and always will be hell honestly

like someone nuke it blease

Chad Male

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Pixie Prince


03/18/17 04:05.34 AM

I'm so naive that honestly a lot of the popular clique stuff went over my head but it must have been a big issue if so many people were so deeply effected by it. It really sucks that a place that in all honestly was designed for fun turned into such a negative experience for so many people. I hope you folks can remember the good times here and hopefully move on to less toxic environments.

Kenmae Female

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Feeling Bubbly

03/19/17 02:16.15 PM

Yeah, I definitely contributed to my fair share of the toxicity on this site at one time, though I wasn't really aware of the popular clique. I'm included in that list of terrible 9-12 year old immature behaviour and I'm really very sorry.

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Blossom Female

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03/21/17 09:08.07 AM

Throwback to that time y'all bashed me for my digital art whenever I posted it claiming it was traced when I'd only reffed art once or twice and admitted to that. But nobody would let it go and if actually made me stop my digital art altogether because who would ever like it if it was constantly getting bashed right?!

cat40127 Female

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Ready, set, go!


03/23/17 04:19.56 PM

Ah, I remember when I joined. I was around the same age, 8 or 9. I never interacted with anyone since I only ever came to these sites for the pets. Still the only reason I come to them now, but I'm a bit more social than young me was. Not that I was shy or anything, I wasn't, I just didn't feel the need to interact with other people. Of course, if the jerks you described ever did that crap to me, I would've turned into a flameball and cussed them out. Yes, I had a dangerously huge temper as a kid. I'm better now, but you still don't wanna mess with me or my friends! c;<

PS: Nice JacksFilms clickbait. XD
Valery Female

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03/23/17 07:31.43 PM

i remember when i was like 11 and i tried to make good roleplays but the popular people just came in and applied with joke characters with purposely ugly photos to try and take my thread down because it wasn't very well written.. because,, i w,as a ki.d d.

i wanted so bad to be in that popular group LOL it made me so mad and sad not too rad man

if you want names i actually found the thread they wrecked. i was freaking 10 years old. but yeah i guess we where all idiots at some point. still made me sad though.
this thread popped up when i searched my old username so i'm not rlly naming any shamng anyway who cares now

rip rpg

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