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Forum / Chit Chat / Topic: ♦ Where To Find One Another ♦

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Dex Other

Posts: 53



01/14/17 07:58.08 PM

Hey guys! I know the site's not very active anymore, but I've made some great friends here, and I don't want to lose track of people.

So you can essentially use this forum to post where else you can be found. ;7;

For me, personally, I'm most active on my dA and tumblr.

Spark Male

Posts: 47441


01/17/17 12:45.05 AM

tbh only Facebook if any of you want that. And I guess Skype @ Mynturtle or Twitter @ MynorsAccount ? Your best bet is Facebook or Petrpg, I still check my mail here every two or so days

sapnu puas

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