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missuscupcake Female


01/03/17 04:54.24 AM

Hey guys... been awhile. I'm a little embarrassed to be back after so long, and after so much drama... how is everyone? Anything interesting happen on site in the last year?
Casper Male

Posts: 14072


01/03/17 05:45.40 AM

Hey!! How have you been? It's been too long, welcome back!
Pretty much nothing's happened though. v-v

Kenmae Female

Posts: 16652

Feeling Bubbly

01/03/17 06:55.29 PM

Hi hi, welcome back! I remember you. :V
Nothing much has really happened, but recently it's been just a little more busy?? I'm seeing more "2 users online" on the information tab than before, when I would mostly come online to find the place deserted. I also think threads have been popping up a little more often! It's kind of nice, even if it's not a lot.

"I like my office. It's warm in my office. It's quiet in my office. There are no maniacal gnomes or chainsaw-wielding waitresses in my office."
missuscupcake Female


01/03/17 08:15.58 PM

Hey guys <3 I did notice that the albino vei pose changed. And somebody changed the name of one of my pets... I don't care but I just thought it was odd.

But yeah! I guess I'm glad it's been busier? Sucks that it went so downhill though.
Jolty Male

Posts: 185


02/24/17 02:55.44 AM

I remember you, but I think we had a falling out. It's been a while, and it's good to see you.
Hex Other

Posts: 27145

Pixie Prince


03/07/17 10:23.00 AM

Missu ;×;
I miss you and Comet so much hhg
I miss everybody so much, to be completely honest >~>
I owe you art

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Spark Male

Posts: 47441


03/08/17 07:55.26 AM

I remember you. Hey dude

sapnu puas

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