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Casper Male

Posts: 14072


01/01/17 03:43.07 AM

Can't believe this site's still around, just like it always has been for me for years.

I know not a lot of people still come around here, but for those that do, I hope the new year treats you well!! I'm wishing you all good things. <3

Kaix Male

Posts: 344



01/01/17 08:31.58 AM

ikr . happy new year 2 u 2 !!

un-mod me if u can. thank u xx
Inescia Female

Posts: 7467



01/01/17 11:03.48 AM

Happy New Year!!!

How people treat you is their Karma... How you react is yours...

Kenmae Female

Posts: 16652

Feeling Bubbly

01/01/17 01:50.07 PM

Happy happy New Year!! :0

"I like my office. It's warm in my office. It's quiet in my office. There are no maniacal gnomes or chainsaw-wielding waitresses in my office."

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