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Tragedae Female

Posts: 279



12/31/16 11:37.46 PM

how are some of u getting custom pets? i haven't been on here in a while ;(

Kenmae Female

Posts: 16652

Feeling Bubbly

01/01/17 12:10.29 AM

There was a period of time in an old thread wherein users could give staff an image and a name and they would make the custom pet for them. I don't know if they still offer this though??

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Casper Male

Posts: 14072


01/01/17 03:12.44 AM

Yeah there's still a way to do it, but I lost the link to do so, so I can't do this for anyone and I dunno that any other staff still regularly comes around.

Tragedae Female

Posts: 279



01/01/17 06:59.23 PM

Yeah i dont think the staff even log on lol. I also wish I could add more pet slots. I have so many side accounts with pets I want on this one smh.

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