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Cartoon Male

Posts: 3


11/27/16 04:23.36 PM

This game was a part of my childhood. . However it's sad to see this site go. Does anyone know of any new sites like this where all the users from here went?
Spark Male

Posts: 47441


11/28/16 09:31.23 PM

tumblr lol

sapnu puas
Casper Male

Posts: 14072


11/29/16 04:26.40 AM

Mmm people like me who are attached to petsites in general may have moved to places like goatlings and furvilla, and yeah lots of users have accounts places like deviantart and tumblr. The challenge would be finding them though, since no one really logs in anymore.
There's always the official contact thread in the top ten threads, people still come and occasionally update that.

Cartoon Male

Posts: 3


11/29/16 08:56.32 PM

Sigh :c
Inescia Female

Posts: 7467



11/30/16 10:30.10 AM

I check in and feed my pets. My shop is still very active and I take the time to add and cash in. I do feed my pets though for I for one do not want them to die, makes me sad. I do answer all my mails if I can. Happy Holidays guys.

How people treat you is their Karma... How you react is yours...

Tragedae Female

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12/31/16 11:33.17 PM

I still come on here uwu I wish more people still did

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