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Dani Female

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Pixie Princess

09/06/16 07:32.24 PM

Aye since somehow the site has magically stayed up for over a year since the last "Contact Info" thread was posted I figured I'd make another one since most of my contact info is inaccurate now and I'm sure other people have changed theirs in the past year as well.

So comment below with other places people can find you if you want to stay in touch with the users! of PetRPG!

instagram uhmghost
skype ghostpokabu
discord DaniGhost#5031

If you want to contact me dA is probably the best place since that's where most of my time is spent (gotta make that $$$) so ya

Casper Male

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09/06/16 07:50.55 PM

Deviantart: casbatty
Tumblr: vonhorrificus
Goatlings: ectoplasm
Furvilla: casper
Neopets: nebulet
Skype: paismase
Snapchat: ghostpawss

probably the easiest place to talk to me is skype, but I'm pretty active and easy to contact anywhere except tumblr

Chad Male

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Pixie Prince


09/07/16 04:14.18 AM

Oh boy I am not online much except tumblr and I barley use Deviantart anymore but

Tumblr: panicbox
Deviantart: TheBloodBrothers

If you follow let me know you're from petrpg so we can chat. I'm prolly always up to drawing for you guys too so don't be a stranger.

Kaix Male

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09/07/16 06:21.05 PM

twitter: danny kaida (nsfw and more personal use)
tumblr: ask me if u want it but nsfw
insta: ask me if u want it (insta and tumblr is go to if u want to ask abt commissioning or art questions of past art)

un-mod me if u can. thank u xx
Kowalris Female

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What time is it?


09/08/16 12:01.58 AM


Layton Other

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09/09/16 01:30.05 AM

I don't do much social media or skype and such but if anyone wants to reach me I'm on Chickensmoothie. I go by Tuft. there. I hope to hear from some of you. :0

Croptimus Primerib and Maize-a-tron, leader of the evil Decepticorns.
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Violin Male



09/10/16 03:36.21 PM


furaffinity (not on here much)

telegram: thebigdog

kik: theb1gdog

^ feel free to message me whenever on any of these ! i always try to respond asap

AnnonmousShy Male

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Pixie Prince

09/10/16 08:13.11 PM

Skype: Diegotheraptorking
Tumblr: Monochrome-Nights
I don't have any other like major social media other than that.

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Scarebear Other

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09/12/16 05:32.46 PM

Skype: laciful (name comes up as purple)
Steam: Boop
Deviant Art: CatAlley

But anywhere else you can always ask <3

I go by They/Them pronouns
Mew Female

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09/13/16 11:56.46 AM

Twitter: COATlMUNDl
Tumblr: COATlMUNDl
Telegram: Khagra
Steam: Khagra
Fur Affinity: Mew
Furry Network: Mew
Flight Rising: Mew Mew
Sapphire Female

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I'm not really here

09/13/16 04:21.15 PM

Deviantart: Dragaton
Steam: Squid
Instagram: merpadoodlesaurus
um that's basically it. If you add me go ahead and let me know that you came from Petrpg, and who you are on here (if it isn't obvious) ^-^

"Silence is golden. Words are vibrations. Thoughts are magic."
Calix Male

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09/20/16 05:23.53 PM


deviantart; xilacs
league; sufficio
cs; calix

i think thats it

Previously August.
Wolfie Male

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09/22/16 12:19.23 AM
Hex Other

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Pixie Prince


09/22/16 12:44.39 PM

Skype Hexxxxi

I don't really think anybody here cares, but w/e, there it is.
If you wanna chat, I'm easiest to contact through Skype, if you're already on my Skype don't be afraid to shoot me a message. If you're not, feel free to add me, make sure to mention you're from PetRPG and who you are. Probs won't add you if I have no idea who you are, js.
If you just wanna stalk me... I guess fA??? But like, not realy. I don't really do anything on art sites anymore, too busy with the real world. I guess if you wanna stalk me, Facebook is the best way, if you want my Facebook message me literally anywhere I noted, and not here. I'll only add you if I'm at least sort of comfortable with you, just tbh.

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Casper Male

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09/24/16 05:57.38 PM

Since I posted originally my tumblr and deviantart have both been changed to ect0plasms! My furvilla has been changed to ectoplasm.

Conman Male

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09/24/16 06:35.50 PM

skype: toasticles95

so i haven't spoken to anyone here in over 2 years and probably nobody here knows who i am but might aswell leave some of my stuff here cos this site was a big part of my life from bout 2009-2011. good fortunes to all

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