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Forum / Forum Rules / Topic: PetRPG Official Forum Rules & Guidelines
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02/03/10 08:24.56 PM

1. Do NOT use extreme chatspeak! This means.. TYP1NG L1K3 D1S. It's confusing, and just plain annoying. Please try to use proper English to the best of your ability. You do not need to use proper punctuation, though it would be nice.

2. Posts MUST be over 5 characters. Posts like "Hi", "Hello", "Sup".. etc. are considered spam and will be deleted. Posts should remain relevant to the topic and "bumping" a topic is fine.

3. Do NOT use any extreme curses. Words like "Hell" or "Ass" are allowed, however. If you aren't sure about a word that you are going to say.. don't use it. No abbreviation of profanity, no exceptions. If the word is filtered then you shouldn't be abbreviating it.

4. Do NOT jump from board to board advertising your shops, or your boards. This is also considered spamming, and you will be warned.

5. Do NOT post any extreme personal information. This includes your phone number, or your credit card information. No one here at PetRPG will ask for any information like that. All cash shop transactions are made VIA paypal, or snail mail.

6. Do NOT give out your password. No staff member will ever ask you for your password! If someone is asking you for your password please report them immediately.

7. You may sell art on the boards. Art can be sold for Credits, DPOINTS, and site items. You are allowed to use currency from other sites, but this will be done so at the buyers risk. PetRPG cannot replace lost/stolen items that do not come from our site.

8. Scamming is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. This includes but is NOT limited to: posting cookie grabbers, hosting fake contests for credits or dPoints.. etc. Anyone found scamming will have their account banned permanently with no warning.

9. Do NOT post explicit sexual content of any kind. This includes but is NOT limited to: Provocative pictures/drawings.. sexual roleplaying..etc. Yes, your pets can date and kiss publicly, and your OCs may do the same. Please remember that PetRPG is a PG13 site and should not go much further than that.

10. Be respectful of ALL members. Do NOT call names, this is considered harassment. If they are doing something you don't approve of or like. If it is serious, report them. If it isn't.. skip over it. Ignore them.

11. DO NOT HARASS ANY MEMBERS. This means spamming their inboxes, their comments page, or following them around board to board being rude and hostile. You will be suspended or banned. If staff makes an official post and you disagree, you are welcome to post your opinion, but don't be nasty about it. They're members and require your respect just like everyone else in the community. ** Do not push people into arguments, if something happens and someone gets upset leave the board and get a mod. Drama starters are not accepted.

12. DO NOT MINI-MOD. If you see something happening that shouldn't be going on - REPORT THE ISSUE TO A MOD.
Mini-Mods: People who are commanding others with an authoritative context to obey certain rules.
It IS okay to enforce the rules in a way such as, "Hey, guys you're gonna get in trouble if you keep that up", though.

13. Do not use another account to ban evade. If you've been banned on one of your accounts, and are using another account to talk while you wait for your suspension to be over. All accounts involved will be banned for an extended amount of time or permanently if a repeated offense.

14. Excessive use of foreign language on the boards is prohibited. Saying "thanks" or "hi" or some other short words are fine, but we are no longer allowing continual threads of foreign languages. Why? We can't moderate it. The site is in English and so should be the forums.

15. Off-Site Trading is ALLOWED so long as the other site ALLOWS it as well. If you aren't sure whether the site allows it or not, don't trade. ** All current existing trades will now be closed.

16. New site additions should be announced by staff, boards containing info that has not publicly been released by staff will be deleted and you will be given a warning.

17. Posting links to or livestreams are not allowed. Sending the links via mail is feasible, though! We will also be working on an "approved livestream/" list.

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