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Anything new dealing with the forums will go here.
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Contact Information 2.0 by Layton

SubForums: Developer Log
Forum Rules
Rules for using the forums.
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Maximum Signature Size by Mousy
Bugs and Glitches
Is something not working right? Report site errors here.
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Store Glitch by Seki

SubForums: Resolved Bugs
Lost or Confused? Come here to ask questions about PetRPG.
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False Alarm by Castiel
Ideas and Suggestions
Any general suggestions may go here!
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Utopia: City of the Future! (old map suggestion) by GoldiesLocks
Pet Suggestions
Have a unique pet idea? Post it here!
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Castor Pet by BloodyBlackFox
Item Suggestions
Have an item idea? Let us know!
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zodiac minipets? 0: by Jack
Come here to introduce yourself to the other users. Dont be shy!
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Hey. by Tragedae
Chit Chat
Come here and discuss anything!
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me me big boy by Artemis
Forum Games
Play all those awesome forum games here.
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What would you do? [GAME] by Jaysmith
Come here to discuss the battle system.
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The Quest by Element
PetRPG Games
Discuss any of the current games, including the new flash game.
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Getting bonus prizes on a flash game? by Dreamsinger
PetRPG Groups
Advertise groups here, or post if you are looking for one to join!
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what are groups? by Hex
What are you listening to? Fav band/song?
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Great Soundtracks by spongetron
Movies and TV
Chat about the latest movies/shows, or your top favorites.
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Quality Anime rec list by Jack
Talk about your favorite console/pc games.
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Bendy and The ink Machine by jaydecat
Discuss books, novels, and comics here.
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Book suggestions? by Hex
Discuss any sports you play, or teams you follow here.
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im bored by Stuck
Hustle and Bustle
Post about your shops here!
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Trading credits for dp by Casper
Item Pricing
Not sure how much you should sell an item for? Discuss item pricing here.
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close c: by Cubone
Contests & Giveaways
Got an item you dont want? Why not give it away here?
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Cancelled by GoldiesLocks
PetRPG Characters
Show off your character, request clothes, show your new designs.
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Rate the Human Avatar Above You by Spark
Creative Corner
Come here to show off any art that you've done.
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sksnm,xcn, by Layton
Show off your short storys, poems, or any writing style.
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To the Water's Edge (Writing) by Kenmae
Roleplaying Boards
PetRPG Roleplaying
Any roleplaying topics that have to do with PetRPG.
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Spooka the Grumpy Hoot by Cocoa
Other Roleplaying
Roleplaying topics that are non-PetRPG related.
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Demoncrest Manor (Mystery/Dark RP w/ Gisgis) by AnnonmousShy
Beginner Roleplaying
This is for basic roleplaying and topics are allowed to use chatspeak.
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Night School... (mythic rp) by ReinMiriam
Intermediate Roleplaying
Only those who write in full sentences are allowed to post. This forum is for those who are semi literate at roleplaying.
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A fantasy realm by claygirl
Advanced Roleplaying
Only for those who are literate roleplayers who write in full sentences and use proper spellings. Posts here should be more than one sentence, descriptive, and pay proper attention to spelling and grammar.
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Era of Confusion; Advanced Roleplay by ProfessorGlasses
Other Sites
You can advertise or mention other websites here.
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Any Harry Potter fans out there? by Creep
Donator Forum
Users with active Gold Accounts can chat here.
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P E T S To adopt or create? A dilemma? by Chevrine