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Apologies for the news spam folks. It seems there are some who'd still like to give small updates to the site, so I will throw that bit of news out now. We are stll going to work on an alternative to this site for those to join, but until then, please enjoy the small things that happen. -Comet

No More Updates!

All right. Okay. Okay.

So I know Bexxy's been in and out, and Ghost has been trying to pull some stuff together, but it's time to just. Put my foot down. I've been super absent and I'm sure people are angry but whatever at this point? I've been trying to pull stuff together constantly since I was added as staff and lately I've just been too tired and haven't wanted to really work with a community that I just don't feel joy for anymore.

But regardless.

To make a long story short, this site's dead. I'm putting my foot down. No more updates on this damn site. You wanna know why? Because I'm sick and tired of Doug, and we don't need to keep giving him more things that he can claim ownership to because he still technically owns the site. He has always owned this site. When Haunt was Admin, when Bexxy was Admin. All of that time, he still owned it. I remember Haunt asking how much it would cost to take the site off his hands, and the fee was just so exorbitant that it was easier to just put up with him.

Bexxy tried to get a hold of him, got his attention for maybe a day or two, and he fell off the face of the Earth again. It makes things super difficult. We still don't have profits we made from Easter to try and revamp things, nobody's been paid, everybody is angry, everybody's fighting, and it needs to just end. It's been nearly impossible to work with, especially when we have some salty ex staff breathing down our necks. It just needs to STOP.

I will say this: we are trying to bring about a spiritual successor to the site. It won't have all the same pets, all the same art style, or really the same anything, but we want to preserve the feeling that made people stick around here despite how awful and toxic it is. Enough of the designs on the site are generic enough that it probably won't hurt to bring them around, we have ownership over a good number of them, and the ones we don't we'll work to bring about in some abstract fashion.

We are making this site to fix what should've been fixed ages ago, add things we've always wanted, and make something that can be good for everybody on all ends, at least to the best of our ability.

That's all I can say. I'm not gonna make any grand promises about what things are otherwise, I'm not gonna reveal anything too much other than we have the intent, ideas, and a little hope, but we have a big group together, and we're figuring things out and making things work in the background. We're motivated mostly by anger, but we've got a fire under our asses right now, and I hope some day we'll have something for you guys.

For now,

RIP Petrpg.

Please don't expect updates to this site for a long time. The next thing you'll hopefully see will be about something brand new, that we own entirely, and that will not be abandoned so easily.

Until then.

Thanks for all the years in this dump.